Small Things Can Make a Big Impact in Work Injury Prevention




Many work comp claims arise from preventable accidents and slip, trip and fall injuries and overexertion injuries are the bulk of those claims. It’s possible to greatly decrease the risks with a few simple safety tasks;

Slips, Trips and Falls

Preventing the most common injuries can be as simple as maintaining a few good housekeeping practices;

  • Keep floors and stairs free of objects and debris
  • Fix poor lighting, particularly in walkways and stairwells
  • Cover hoses and cords or run them away from walking areas or work benches
  • Clean slippery surfaces regularly and be sure any spills are promptly cleaned up


Overexertion injuries occur mainly from lifting, bending and twisting, repetitive motion and awkward postures and simple tasks can reduce the risks;

  • Implement a lift limit to reduce the weight of materials to be moved into smaller more manageable loads or require employee assists with larger loads
  • Use lift assist devices and equipment designed to reduce manual lifting and material handling
  • Teach employees proper lifting techniques such as lifting with the legs and keeping objects close to the body to minimize reach.

These are common sense ways to help reduce risk and injury in the workplace. Ask your coworkers or employees for input on safety recommendations. Sometimes the simplest most cost-effective answers come from the people who face these risks every day and you’ll be surprised at what suggestions they can supply if you ask them. Reward ideas that you implement and welcome feedback at any time.